New version coming soon! More details here : Version 1.1 - Time-shifting is coming!

Available right now on the App Store on Apple TV!

OhMyCouch! is now available on the App Store on AppleTV ! Go and get it ! 

Depending on your case, different articles have been published to guide you through the configuration:

Designed with care for Apple TV

We have been working really hard to take fully advantage of the Siri-Remote and Apple TV components to bring you the best TV Experience.

Automatic TV Guide

The TV Guide let you navigate through program efficiently until you find the program you want to watch. Watch the trailer of a movie or a tv shows and make sure the movie is right for you !

Never miss your Favorite Shows

The TV Guide combined to the intuitive navigation let you quickly see what's on air right now !


OhMyCouch! is an Apple TV App which allows you to stream videos directly from an IPTV server to your TV. This application embed a TV Guide (French only for now, more countries coming) which allows you to seek for program and change channels very quickly !

The french Internet Service Provider "Free" provides with their hub solution an IPTV server which can be reached using OhMyCouch!. Make sure your Freebox Player or Freebox HD is connected to an antenna and channels are scanned in order to have TF1 and M6 available on OhMyCouch!. Other french ISPs only provides encrypted streams so that only their proprietary application.

Another way to enjoy this application is to use the DVBLink solution provided by DVBLogic. It is composed of a TNT Tuner USB Stick and a software compatible with the most popular plateform (Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry,...) and cost 100$. It allows you to set your own IPTV server and is fully compatible with OhMyCouch!.

In order to always improve your TV experience we are working really hard on new features that we hope will change your approach to watching TV. More details in future versions of OhMyCouch! Stay in tune and follow us on Twitter @OhMyCouchTV.

Zap from a channel to another has never been so easy!

Access with a finger swipe to the quick channel switcher !

Switch between audio tracks and subtitles and stream quality at anytime !

Display all information with one tap on the Siri-Remote ! 

You always know what to watch!

Use the TV Guide to know on air and upcoming programs !

Change your point of view !

Display the program either by category (e.g., Movies, TV Shows...) or by channel !

Easy to configure

The application is compatible with m3u format and can connect to any server providing this type of file. Connect and Enjoy your favorite shows with OhMyCouch!